Welcome to Citizens Credit Union!

We invite you to explore our site, and to send us your comments. If you have already invested in the credit union, perhaps you are not aware of all the services we offer.

If you are exploring the credit union as a new financial institution, refer to the “About Us” page. Many people are already enjoying our professional service! Call our branch during business hours for additional information, and a real person will answer.

Please do not disclose any of your personal information over the phone or Internet. You can help protect yourself with these simple tips:

* Unlike phishing e-mails, we will never ask you to verify personal information in response to an e-mail.
* Most fake communications convey a sense of urgency by threatening discontinued service.
* Many fraudulent e-mails contain misspellings, incorrect grammar, and poor punctuation.
* Links within the fake e-mail may apear valid, but deliver you to a fraudulent site.
* Phishing e-mails often use generic salutations like “Dear Customer” or “Dear Account Holder” instead of your name.
* The address from which the e-mail was sent is often not one from the company it claims to be.

Please be aware, your Credit Union will never e-mail or telephone you requesting your PIN number, password or account information. If you are contacted with this type of request, please notify your Credit Union immediately. Do not use the telephone numbers supplied in an e-mail, and never click on a link which is provided in an attempt to contact your Credit Union – use known telephone numbers only.
Citizens Credit Union
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Our Management Team

Rochelle McLaughlin, Member Services Manager
email: rochelle@citizenscreditunion.com

Debbie Gillett, Lending Officer
email: debbie.gillett@citizenscreditunion.com